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Epoxy Floor Coating for Garage
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$164.95 1/2 Kit
1.5 Gallons | Coverage
250 Sq. Ft. | Equal to
1.25 Car Garage | Select
w/or without Tools &
Sundries | Product Only $144.95
$269.95 Installer Kit | 3
Gallons | Coverage 500
Sq. Ft. | Equal to
Standard 2.5 Car Garage |
Select w/or without Tools
& Sundries | Product Only $249.95 

100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Options | Garage Floor Kit & Epoxy Floor Kit System Variations

Installer Kit Contains: 3 Gallons of Epoxy (Coverage 500 sq. ft.) Installer 1/2 Kit Contains: 1.5 Gallons of Epoxy (Coverage 250 sq. ft.) Both Kits Include: Decorative Flake | Etch Concentrate | Non-Slip Aluminum Oxide | Roller Cover | Mixing Mixer | Trim Brush | Disposable Gloves | Instructions & DYI Video Link | All Kits Including Product Only Available in 1.5, 3, 15 and 165 Gallon Drum Kits

EPOXYTECH KIT® | Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating System Options

Build-a-Kit | Standard Floor Coating Kit Options

Additional Kit System Add-Ons

EPOXYTECH KIT® | Popular Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Selections


3 Gallon Kit with Decorative Flake



Complete 3 Gallon Kit with Flake, Non-Slip, Prep Solution & Tools



3 Gallon Kit with Flake & Clear Coat



3 Gallon Kit with Prep, Flake & Non-Slip
No Tools



Half Kit with Flake, Prep, Non-Slip & Tools



Half Kit with Flake, Non-Slip & Prep
No Tools


Contact a Certified Epoxy Tech Professional for a Free Quote on Volume Sales & Industrial  or Commercial Applications
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Why is this Epoxy Floor Coating the Best Garage Floor Coating Kit on the Market & Not Just a Garage Floor Paint?

This kit and its system can and is used in the most demanding of industrial and commercial settings. Whether you want to coat your home or business, our epoxy floor coating has the properties and characteristics to use in any environment. This is an industrial grade epoxy floor coating. Not a epoxy floor paint found in most garage floor paint kits found in stores today. You could argue the fact that this is not a epoxy floor paint at all, but a epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor paint is mostly water or solvent based formulas, made with some epoxy solids, usually 38-64% epoxy resins with the balance water or solvent. This epoxy or garage floor coating is 100% cycloaliphatic solids. Meaning no solvent or water is found in the chemical composition of this epoxy. You will not lose any product due to evaporation or dissipation during the cure out process. Our commercial/industrial epoxy coating will cure with exactly the same amount of volume solids you started with. Leaving a wear layer that is 5x thicker and with 10x the wear resistance of garage floor paint, with unmatched adhesion and gloss rates as well. We have packaged an industrial epoxy floor coating used by top flooring professionals in the industry into a DYI epoxy floor coating kit. Although marketed by floor coating suppliers as garage floor coating, it is used to coat commercial and industrial spaces including airport hangars, food and beverage facilities, mechanic shops, industrial factories and health facilities around the world. Anywhere a cost effective, non-slip, antimicrobial, high gloss floor is desired. Don’t settle for store bought epoxy garage floor paint. Discover what so many floor coating professionals already know and experience the difference of industrial epoxy floor coatings and all the benefits it has to offer. From superior gloss to industrial durability. You should know that all industrial epoxy coatings are manufactured the same. We use industry leading proprietary agents and additives that are far superior to other suppliers and manufacturers on the market. From premium resins and agents to liquid pigments and compounds… be assured this is most technologically advanced system of its kind. You will not need to coat your floor every couple years as with most best epoxy garage floor paint. This kit system is guaranteed for life! You may not be a floor coating professional, but with this kit, your floor will sure look like it! Need to add a sacrificial wear layer, UV resistance or want to add depth to look of floor? Floor have contaminates? Optional primer and/or clear coat offered as part of system with any kit. (Not required in most applications) Add value and maintenance free style to your home or business today.