Special Value Pricing
for Your Business
Home I Garage
Basement or Patio
Floor Projects:
$144.95 For 1/2 Kit.
1.5 Gallons I Coverage
250 sq. ft. (Equal to a
1.25 Car Garage) Select
w/or without Tools &
$239.95 For Full Kit 3
Gallons | Coverage 500
sq. ft. (Equal to a
Standard 2.5 Car Garage)
Select w/or without Tools
& Sundries
 Advanced System Technology! Manufactured with Molecular Bonding Technology!
This is Not a Substandard
Epoxy Floor Paint that has to be
Replaced Every 1 to 2
Years. This is Industrial Grade!



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Advantages of EpoxyTech Kit® 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating vs Epoxy Floor Paint

No primer? No problem! Cycloaliphatic Molecular Link Bonding Technology© + coating in one! (Diagram 1.3) Exclusions: Heavily contaminated floors.
Highest adhesion rate on the market (9800 lbs. per sq. in.) Highest abrasion and tensile strength @ 4800psi (w/ clear coat – 6300 psi) Tested 0% delamination w/concrete failure first on fresh concrete. (Must see video available.) Compression strength 9300 psi I 3x stronger than concrete!
Compare volume solids to determine your max coating value. Water and solvent based products lose volume solids up to 68% due to dissipation. No build.
This industrial grade 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy is laboratory and field tested as the most durable concrete floor coating available on the market! 5 Star Rated by ‘Top’ coating professionals, ‘National Media’ and  ‘Sales Outlets’ alike.

          Low Solids Epoxy       VS.        EpoxyTech Kit® 100% Solids


5 Kits = $540.23
1 Coat = 2.3 mils.


3 Gallon Kit = $249.95
1 Coat = 10 mils. dft.

The Epoxy+Tech Advantage!

• 100% Solid Cycloaliphatic
• Highest Gloss on the Market
• 5x Thicker Than Water-Based
• 10x Wear Resistance
• Slip Resistance
• Oil Resistance
• Solvent Resistance
• Chemical Resistance
• Industrial Grade
• Highest Adhesion Rate
• Resists Hot Tire Marks
• Increase Light Reflectivity
• Self-Leveling
• One Coat Application
• 0% VOC / No Odor
• Antimicrobial
No Other Epoxy Will Bond as Durable & Glossy!
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