Epoxy and non-slip additives?
Epoxy floor paint photo of black epoxy floor coated in black over concrete floor.
Black epoxy floor paint in basement coated using EPOXYTECH KIT® showcasing decorative flake and high gloss industrial epoxy clear coat or concrete sealer.

Whenever the question of covering the floor arises, one of the most important factors usually considered is that will the floor be stable? Will it allow the person to walk as freely as he could before on the concrete? The question is dominant, especially in the case of epoxy. As the floor gives a smooth, shiny, gloss like surface, which is very smooth, there are chances that the surface might become quite slippery when introduced to water, mud, oil, snow, etc.

The most prominent question asked is if it is so slippery, how is it being used in bathrooms and showers? It is being used in the anti skid form, or by using mats, etc. There is a solution to every problem of the world!

In this article, we will try to analyse if the floor needs a non-slip additive, there are a lot of them available online. Continuing with that, we’ll see which one is best for your epoxy floor paint and how can it be applied and used.

Is a non-slip additive required?

The first factor to consider is the climate in which the epoxy will be used. If the floor sees a lot of liquid from cars or snow, the need for a non-slip additive increases. For arid reasons, it is not required.

When dealing with continuously slippery floors, such as in industries with regular spills of chemicals, lubricants, oils, etc., the non skid additive might be very helpful.

How to deal with it without additives?

Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Kit

While the floor is being coated with the epoxy floor paint, a static charge is developed in the process and the charge might last for a few days. The charge attracts the dust particles, pollens, etc. and they get struck to the floor, making it slippery. After some time, the charge is lost and the dust is no longer there. With the dust, the slippery dust problems also go away!

After the epoxy floor kit is applied, the floor is just like a glass, glossy and shiny, which makes it highly susceptible to being slippery when wet. Once a considerable amount of time has passed, tiny scratches and microscopic holes gradually start coming up the surface, though they are not visible and don’t tamper with the shine of the floor. They help in increasing the stability and developing a grip on the floor.

And, if there is not enough time to wait for the natural course, then the scratches and microscopic holes can be created artificially also, to reduce the slippery nature. Scuff the surface lightly and this should do the trick. The technique might remove the glossy finish a bit, but the matte look will be nothing less than dashing.

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The best friend of industrial floor – Epoxy floor coatings
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

Everyone who has ever planned to open up an industry will agree to one common point, that choosing the floor covering was no child’s play! Only until epoxy was not there in the market, once it entered, the solution was easy! Though the industrial waterproof floor coating works wonders everywhere it is applied, but its charm for industries is another glorious story.

From being the best absorber of vibrations to giving an enchanting look to the space. From enhancing the light and visibility to ensuring that every soul in present in the industry is safe, the industrial waterproof floor paint has aced every test with flying colors. Apart from all the amazing benefits that epoxy brings with itself, there are two chief factors why epoxy is the best floor coating solution for any industry, be it of any kind. Let’s explore the two factors in this article.

Increased life

Over the last 20 years, the epoxy floor coatings have evolved a lot. The technological advancement and wondrous additives have increased the quality and lifespan beyond imagination. It offers durability that cannot be compared to any other kind of flooring. Of course the life depends on a lot of factors and if professionally installed, it can last up to 15 to 20 years.

The major factors on which the lifespan depends are:

  • Was the application proper or not
  • The amount of traffic seen by the space
  • Maintenance, though it is not required quite frequently
  • The quality of material used. EpoxyTech is one of the best destinations to get the finest kits available in the market

Any expenditure becomes an investment when the returns out of it are more than invested, such is the case with epoxy floor coatings. Industrial floors see a lot of adverse situations with weather, temperature, vibrations, humans, humidity, heavy traffic and machines, and each and every of these situations can be tackled with epoxy.

No wear and tear

Metallic epoxy floor coating kit displays all contents in metallic epoxy floor kit.
EpoxyTech Kit® Liquid 3DFX Metallic epoxy concrete coating system epoxy floor paint garage coating kit! Guaranteed best price on top rated professional grade metallic epoxy floor coating. Save compared to other kit offers! “Guaranteed Best Price!” on LIquid-3DFX Metallic Kit System or difference back!

Epoxy floor coatings are resilient to all kinds of chemical spills, and by resilient, we mean significantly higher levels than any other floor covering. For any kind of industry that uses harsh chemicals or where the spills are regular, epoxy is the way to go!

Apart from being the most resilient, it is the most economical solution too. The heavy machinery and its vibrations are also not able to cause a good amount of damage to epoxy floor paints. It is not slippery too, which keeps the human force at safety too. It is the complete solution to any kind of industry.

EpoxyTech is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of epoxy paints. It is based out of US and is known to have made amazing epoxy options available to the market. It has 5-star ratings on all leading E-commerce portals and also provides ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

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Epoxy coatings and their amazing water powers!

As Johnny Hunt has rightly said – “There is no such thing as great work without longevity”. The statement holds true in every walk of life and stands tall proudly with best floor coating that we are to talk about here – Epoxy floor coatings. They add a panache to your space without a huge investment, and the best part is that the money is not to be invested again and again. The coating stands the test of time like nothing else and saves the substrate from all kinds of cracks and spills.

Whatever flooring options you might have come across till now came with some disadvantages or the other, but epoxy is completely free of it. There is no major drawback associated with it.

However, there is one major advantage that comes with the epoxy floor coating kits, they have magical water powers. Now the question pops up that how can water be hazardous? Let’s examine it in depth.

How vicious is water for floors?

If we are living on earth, then gravity is something we cannot avoid, it means that gravity will take water to the lowest possible point. It’s worse if you have cracks and leaks available, even if they are not available, water always finds its way! Many a times it can also soak through the porous substrate, and also find a way from the crack between the wall and the floor.

After peeping beneath the floor, there are many ways in which water can hurt, it can cause damage to anything placed on the floor, it encourages bacteria and mold to form, increases moisture, weakens bond and what not!

Is there a way to prevent the disaster from happening, yes, surely there is, the much known waterproof floor paint – Epoxy floor coatings. Let’s see how it works

How epoxy can help?

Unlike other flooring options, the epoxy floor coatings actually stick to the floor, completely binding it to the concrete substrate. It seals even the smallest of cracks and tiniest of place form where water can peep in. Once, you’ve applied the epoxy floor coating, you will never have to worry about the unwanted peeling, blistering and application on regular basis.

Once the cracks, pits and holes are sealed properly, the glossy coating will protect your floor or concrete substrate for decades to come. The extended life helps you save costly repairs and replacements.

Epoxy floor coating also promote sure footing by being non slippery. It’s one of some available floor coatings that are non abrasive and non slippery and glossy, at the same time.

EpoxyTech is one of the most technologically advanced and trusted US based manufacturer for waterproof epoxy. It deals with all kinds of epoxies and has made available a wide variety of options to select from. We are so sure about our product that we offer ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

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Epoxy floor coatings – Savior from scratches
Epoxy Floor Paint Kit

It’s not everyday that a revolutionary product is born and changes the market entirely. But one such invention has happened recently and it is the epoxy floor coatings. Their benefits are uncountable and with its evolution, it is becoming nearly impossible to find any faults with its application.

There are a lot of advantages to it, one coat of epoxy floor paint is equal to five coats of any paint which can be applied to the floor. The length to which it serves is a lot more than any other coating and the cost associated is pretty less in comparison. The DIY kits can be used in garage floors, basement floors, patios, in an industry, basically, it can be used above any kind of concrete substrate.

The epoxy floor coatings are self-levelling, that means no extra efforts are required to level it up. The application is more than simple with uniform coats everywhere around.

As it would have become evident now, it is nearly impossible to find such a glossy, beautiful and trustworthy product anywhere in the market.

Chemistry behind the bond

Epoxy is without any doubt the best friend of your floor with mechanical properties such that its resistance to thermal stress and to degradation with the pace of time is commendable.

The preparatory liquid has low viscosity and is very much useful in buildings with reinforcing materials.

Another big advantage associated with it is the low shrinkage time while it is hardening, which eventually bring down the internal stress to minimum, all which increasing the adhesion to the substrate. It results in a better bond and increased longevity.

Resistance to scratch

One of the most important advantage of the DIY epoxy floor kits is that it keeps the floor admirable and doesn’t allows scratches find their way at any cost. It is glossy without any scratches.

This property arises because of some chemical components and the chemical reactions that happen between them.

Some of the components of epoxy floor paint are quartz, calcite, ceramic fillers, scratch resistant agents, pigment powder, solvent free epoxy resin, antifoam agents, preservative agents, benzyl, alcohol, etc.

For the best scratch free epoxy floor coating

To obtain the best of results from the DIY kit, it is imperative that the mixture of resin and hardener is in the correct ratio. Usually, the correct ratio is mentioned on the kit, but advice can also be taken from any EpoxyTech specialist. If the solutions are not mixed properly, the properties might not be same and after drying up, will not give the same results.

Once the application is done properly without any flaw, you will get a scratch resistant, glossy, seamless, low maintenance floor which shows high durability for decades.

EpoxyTech is one of the most technologically advanced US based manufacturer which provides supreme quality of best glossy floor coatings. Explore more about us here:

Water Based Epoxy Coatings

You must have heard and read a lot about the epoxy floor coatings and their advantages. What you might be unaware of is the information regarding the water based epoxy coating as the solvent based epoxy coatings always take away the limelight. But, water based coatings are nothing less than the solvent based ones and sometimes, they even outlast and outperform the solvent based epoxy coatings.

Industrial floor coating system shown here in light blue with medium grey epoxy floor coating while also using industrial epoxy floor paint

Whether it’s for an interior coating or for a heavy industrial region, water-based epoxy coatings have stood the test of time without any complaint or failure. They have a lot of advantages, some of them are:

No foul smell

Solvent based epoxy coatings have large amount of solvents dissolved, which when evaporated in a confined or less ventilated space can be uncomfortable and hazardous for people in the vicinity. For this very reason, projects such as fuel storage tanks and railroad tank cars prefer water based coatings. For indoor use also, it should be preferred and it also lessens the amount of flammable materials that may build up and prove to be fatal!

Excellent durability

As it is the case with all epoxy coatings, water based epoxy coatings also render excellent durability to the floor. They have an amazing life span and require very less maintenance. What actually happens is that the water based solution soak and penetrate to the concrete substrate with greater ease which results in a much stronger bond than the surface only bond. With a better bond, the epoxy is bound to stick longer without any cracks or bumps.

No risk of flammable substances

It contains little to no amount of flammable substance, which keeps the safety factor of the floors intact. With solvent based epoxy, this is a big issue as it contains a large number of flammable substances.

Environment friendly

Water Based Epoxy Coating

The water based epoxy coatings have very less amount of volatile organic compounds or VCOs. Usually, the state or local government regulates the amount of VCOs to be emitted, but it’s better to pay our tribute to the Mother Nature and reduce the toxic amount we release in the air. Understanding your responsibility and choosing water based epoxy coating will be an admirable decision.

Quick installation

Application of water based epoxy coatings is not as hectic as the solvent based one. The floor need not be completely dry before application and there are no toxic fumes so the person applying is at ease all the time. The floor is ready to be used again in less than 2 hours. All in all, the installation and maintenance for water based epoxy coatings is a no brainer!

EpoxyTech is the most technologically advanced and leading US based manufacturer for epoxy coatings. The credibility of our company and quality of our products can be judged by the 5-star ratings that we have on all our E-commerce portals. We offer ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’ on all our products.

Waterproof Epoxy Floor Coating 101

The most popular and intelligent choice for the ones who want to beautify and keep their concrete floors protected is waterproof epoxy floor coatings. It is an intelligent choice because it increases the longevity of your household floors, basement, garage, commercial or industrial area, all while adding a charm to an otherwise boring space. Apart from adding life and beauty to the space, it has a lot of other benefits too!

The most important one of the other benefits is that the coating acts as a shield to your floor in numerous ways. Water can cause serious damage to the floor, it might be possible that the damage is not evident at that particular point of time, but somewhere down the line, the damage will be visible and can be really hazardous.

How does it work?

The coting bonds itself directly to the concrete substrate, and seals it, making it completely non-porous. The seal also prevents the existing moisture from peeping in. The waterproof coating also restricts the existing moisture from coming up to the surface and causing a series of problems such as foul smell, growth of moulds, the damage to wall and the related structure.

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating-sliderWhy waterproof your concrete floor?

Acting as barrier, the waterproof coating saves the concrete floor from all kinds of spills, be it chemically hazardous or abrasive in nature. The industrial garage floor coating also saves the floor from wear and tear, is stain resistant and is also perfect for areas which have huge amount of traffic like industries, garage, warehouses, etc.

Another big advantage of waterproofing your concrete floor is that it ensures the safety of people living or working in the ambience. The epoxy coatings are slip resistant and the biggest surprise is that it isn’t abrasive too, like other no-slippery floors.

Cracks, chips and scratches are not even a question with the waterproof epoxy floor coating being there. Without any of these flaws, the floor looks aesthetically impeccable!

As the coating is great at preventing the floor from the menace of moisture, it also reduces the amount of maintenance required and hence, reducing the efforts and cost of maintaining the glossy floor. It keeps your floor looking at its best without much efforts!

Applying waterproof epoxy floor coating is not something your floor will ask for every other month. It increases the age of concrete substrate preventing it from every possible damage that can happen. It not only increases longevity, but also helps the owner save money.

The installation is also very easy, just follow the instructions and you are all set. Quick and easy should be the tagline for all the waterproof epoxy floor coatings.

EpoxyTech is a leading US based manufacturer of amazing epoxy coatings. From garage waterproof floor paint to Industrial garage floor coatings, we have it all!

Is it possible to put new epoxy over old epoxy?

Epoxy Floor coatings give you a floor which is amazingly beautiful and exceptionally strong, creating a bright atmosphere wherever it is installed. But, as it is rightly said, nothing lasts forever, the same happens with coated floors too! After the good amount of years, epoxy floor coatings also get used up. The question which arises after this is that – Can old epoxy floors be recoated with new epoxy coating?

You must be thinking that is it even a question to ask, but yes, it’s important to know about all the cases involved! Although, the answer to the question is yes in most of the scenarios, but there are some incidents in which certain preparation is required and here we are, to give you all the information required!

When is it time for a new DIY epoxy floor kit?

The commonest reason of all is when people figure out that their color epoxy has become dull and they want a new shiny and bright surface. Apply a clear coat of coating and voila, you are all bright again!

With the pace of time in the garage and industries, the clear coat of the epoxy might become a little worn out, developing small cracks. To renew the gloss and look, apply another clear coat over it and you are good to go.

The coating might also become thin due to the heavy usage and the age of epoxy floor coating. In that case, if no delamination is noticed, another coat can be applied on the same to renew it.

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating paint for garage home or business features full epoxy floor coating kit-415x216
DIY Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

When not to apply another coat over the old epoxy?

If older epoxy coating shows any signs of delamination, then DO NOT apply another coat of epoxy to it. There are other causes that are causing the coat to delaminate and before you think about applying another coat, find out the problems and cure them.

How to prepare the older epoxy coat for a new one?

Now that you are sure that your floor can be renewed, let’s talk about how to prepare the base for it. The best way is to mechanically rough up the surface a bit. There are many ways to achieve the target, but the best ones are:

  • Sand paper, the surface must look gloss free after the procedure ends.
  • A floor maintainer with a 100 grit sand screen can also be used. This will help you eliminate scratches and deep rooted dirt.

The mechanically prepared surface will help the DIY floor coating in sticking properly. Once you are done with grinding, remove the waste and vacuum the entire floor. Afterwards, apply denatured alcohol to get rid of fine dust particles. Now, open up the DIY floor coating kit and you are all set to go, the floor is all set to be glossy again! offers amazing options for both clear and colored epoxy. We can guarantee that you won’t find better quality and price anywhere else.

Why you should use Metallic Epoxy Floor coating?

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating-sliderFloors have an ingenious way of taking us on different realms of imagination. Each one tells a different story, takes us on a different adventure to embark upon. Your story can be the richest, deepest and the most beautiful one with the help of Metallic Epoxy Floor coatings. The result after application of metallic epoxy is a smooth, glass like finish, with little and perfect amount of reflective sparkles!

What is Metallic Epoxy Floor coating?

Metallic Epoxy floor coating is just a low yellowing epoxy which has a subtle amount od metallic pigment mixed with it. To paraphrase, a glitter like substance is mixed with the resin and then applied to the floor or the substrate. Before drying up, the glitter like substance becomes agitated with paintbrush or roller and they reflect the light at different angles to create some very beautiful patterns. After drying up, the pigments attach to their places and make a three dimensional pattern.

Here is an elaborate account on various benefits that come with Metallic Epoxy Floor coating:

EpoxyTech Liquid-3DFX Floor Coating Kit

Beauty beyond dreams!

No other floor can be more aesthetically pleasing than the one with the metallic epoxy floor coating on it. The patterns, brightness, colours, shine, everything is so on point here!

Strong and sturdy

In comparison to other flooring options available in the market, there is no competition to the metallic epoxy floor coatings in affordable pricing. Industries and automobile sector are frequent users of the flooring as it can withstand the heavy machinery without any wear and tear.

Non-comparable longevity

Follow the instructions without any misbalance, and you can see your metallic epoxy flooring last decades without any scratch or peel off.

Keeps the space bright

The metallic epoxy coated floors reflect light that is falling on the surface and light up the surroundings! The beautiful metallic patterns formed with the variation of intensity of light can be a show in itself! Install epoxy coating if you want your place to be bright and shiny always!

The 3-Dimensional look

3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

The beautiful 3-dimensional pattern of the metallic epoxy paint is what sets it apart from the normal epoxy coating. The pattern depends a lot on the application and the kit, but it is something which will never be repeated in another application. You can be sure of being unique!

The variety of amazing options

Trust me, not being able to make your choice because of lack of options is a disadvantage which often gets neglected. There are plenty of options available to choose from in the case of metallic epoxy floor coating!

EpoxyTech is US based manufacturer and is the leading producer of Liquid-3Dfx Metallic epoxy coating. We make the best in the market and hence, offer ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

How Epoxy is better than anything else?
Epoxy Tech Floor Coating Systems® Floor View After Epoxy Floor Coating.

If you want something on your floor that catches every eye’s attention without allowing them a second look, then your floor needs something which is extraordinary! Epoxy waterproof floor coating is one such extraordinary material for you floor!

It is hard, beautiful, clean, green and has passed the test of time excellently since its inception!

Need a more elaborate explanation? Here’s a detailed account on how nothing is better for your floor, the floor that helps you tell your story!

Splendid is another name for Epoxy

Epoxy creates a shiny glossy surface which increases the brightness of the area without any extra efforts. Beauty and elegance are just synonyms of the Epoxy floor coating, put it on, and you can forget about putting any efforts in decorations!

Epoxy floor paint used to coat garage with epoxy floor coating kit on garage floor

It’s harder than you think

The coating can resist much more wear than you can even imagine! It can withstand heavy and continuous traffic from tools, chemicals, spots and almost everything that would tamper the otherwise concrete floor. A perfect fit for manufacturing houses, garage and industrial plants. It gives you a durable, seamless and high performance floor without much efforts.

It doesn’t ask for much maintenance

With the ugliness, Epoxy floor coatings also seizes the porous surface, which makes it easier for you to maintain and clean it. Saves you cleaning time and money which would otherwise go to the cleaning lady and hard cleanliness equipment. Epoxy coatings are also waterproof floor coatings, damage or wear by water can be removed from your list with it!

The most cost-effective solution

If you are looking for a floor solution that would keep your space bright and sturdy in minimum investment, the Epoxy floor coating is your answer. It requires minimum or no maintenance or upkeep cost for a very long period of time. EpoxyTech provides an affordable and best Epoxy floor paint manufactured in USA.

It’s environment friendly

We’ve been a threat to the environment, and its time we change that. Epoxy floor coatings are the much-needed environment friendly solution! It reduces the material usage and hence, the amount we borrow from mother nature is reduced. It would be such a nice world if we could find solutions like this to everything! Get Epoxy, go green!

Quick and easy application

Epoxy floor coating are self levelling i.e. no extra effort is required to level up the floor after the solution is spilled. EpoxyTech floor kits come with detailed explanations on application, just follow and voila, you are all set to go.

EpoxyTech is a well known and the most technologically advanced brand in the world of best Epoxy floor coatings. We are so sure of our quality and product that we offer Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee!

Why your garage needs an epoxy flooring?

Banner for epoxy floor coating epoxytech website featuring garage floor coating kits for best price of 187.50 dollars.

It’s an undebatable fact that garages these days are an imperative part of any household and they are being used for much more reasons than just to park the vehicles. Who would not want a garage with a showroom shine and a look that compels the visitor to ask, OMG, how can the garage be so clean, shiny and tidy? Well, the answer to this want is the Epoxy flooring kit.

It provides the most durable and toughest finishes to your otherwise rough and not so pleasing cement flooring. A coating of supreme beauty and function it is.

DIY Epoxy Floor Kit can be used for both commercial as well as residential purposes, depending on the application, the colour and hues can be selected from the plethora of options available at

Here are some reasons which will help you reconfirm your excellent decision of applying epoxy floor coating on your garage:

It’s harder than you think

Besides being the show stealer in looks, the hardened and thick application of the solution will give excellent durability to your floor. It is resilient to chemicals, stains, abrasion and chipping. Even if your hammer falls over or the bicycle drops from the ceiling, don’t worry, the coating’s got your back!

Keeps it cleaner

The coating covers the minor flaws like minor spider cracks in the concrete floor. As the coating is a topical sealer, it is anti-dusting, and will keep the dust particles away from the garage area and your vehicles.

A blessing for snowy climate

If you are someone living in the snowy climate, the Epoxy coating kit should be your garage’s best friend. It is naturally moisture resistant and make cleaning of icy brines and road salts a cakewalk. With the help of a mild soap and dust mop, the cleaning can be done very easily.

Keeps the repair tension free

Once you have the epoxy coating at place, you can be sure of cleaning and repairing your car without any tension of the floor. Oils, brake fluids, gasoline and other caustic chemicals can easily be wiped out and the chemicals can’t even imagine to sit on the coated floor. And your tools, they can never even think about damaging the floor.

Keeps the space lively and beautiful

Gone are the days of of dark and damp place, the garage used to be. With the Epoxy Floor Kit, your garage will be a lively and a brightened up space. The coating is light reflective; it also depends on the coating you select. It keeps the space neat and clean and with reflective surface, there can never be a dark space for your car, unless you want it there!

best epoxy floor coating kit slider showing the next best generation of epoxy floor paint and garage floor coating.
The newest epoxy floor paint technology that is metallic epoxy floor paint in a DYI garage metallic floor coating kit. Same best quality of our industrial epoxy floor paint in a DYI epoxy floor coating kit.

Brings health to your vehicle

Your car will never be able to thank you enough if you choose the epoxy floor coating. It decreases the resistance for the vehicle and also decreases the wear on your vehicle in the facility.

Helps you go-green

With an increasingly environmentally conscious population, you would really don’t want to be the exception. The Epoxy floor coatings are an environmentally friendly and favourable flooring for people and institutions who are willing to choose green building materials.

Quick and easy application

Neither you nor your vehicle has the time to wait for concrete and other floors to dry up two to three days. Epoxy floor coatings are easier to apply, and are quick to dry!

From corporate companies to industries to households’ garage, the DIY Epoxy floor coating is the perfect best friend for every space.

You can find amazing options for your garage at the We give Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee!

Why Epoxytech?

If you are planning to give your surface a beautiful and durable look, Epoxy coatings are the answer! Epoxytech is the leading USA based manufacturer for all your Epoxy Floor Coating related demands. From manufacturing Epoxy adhesives and coatings for floors to providing them for automotive and Industrial uses, Epoxytech is the one-stop solution to your rough substrate.

What makes us different?

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating paint for garage home or business features full epoxy floor coating kit-415x216
Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

Apart from manufacturing the most technologically advanced and one-of-its kind Epoxy floor kit, we offer head to toe guidelines and accessories required in the process. We make the process as easy as hanging a nail in the wall and trust us, the wall here is not that hard! Need more reasons, read ahead:

62 years of experience

We are the lead supplier in the market with a rich experience of making our customers happy for 62 years. It is even possible that you might have heard or seen the professional grade 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit, you just didn’t know we are the manufacturer! This is just a gist of our market presence and confidence amongst our consumers! It goes without words being consumed that we know it all! We are confident enough to claim that from manufacturing to logistics, we can take care of everything that stands in the way of our customers.

No middlemen

Your floor tells a lot about you, your business or the industry. We make sure that the story is told as beautifully as it deserves and that too, at the most valid rates. And the best rates happen, because there is no middlemen or dealer involved. We believe in direct selling and because of that, over the years, we’ve become the top source for sales and technical expertise and advice, irrespective of the flooring or coating type.

Cutting-edge technology

Our floor coating systems are known for their quality and our latest technology and expertise ensures that the same is maintained and delivered to our customers. We use the molecular link bonding technology. The technology creates far better chemical, adhesion, abrasion, moisture and impact resistance, including anti-blushing, compressive strength and added superior glass properties.

The cutting-edge technology helps us create a product which has highest adhesion rate and durability characteristics that have ever been tested! A commendable tensile strength and an unmatched compression strength.

Our Epoxy Floor Kit is 3.8 times stronger than concrete! It is guaranteed to not crack or peel and has absolutely no odour. Unbelievable right? Such an amazing product at such reasonable prices!

Plethora of options

3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Sample

Our flagship product is the ‘installer’ epoxy floor kit and the package includes everything from head to tail of the procedure. We also provide an option to add items to the kit according to your own suitability. Apart from the DIY floor coating kits, we also manufacture dozen types of primer and clear coat options. With so many things available under one name, we are the one-stop solution to all your coating demands.

Excellent Consumer experience

The confidence of our consumers in us and our product can be reflected with the 5-Star Product Rating we have on our E-commerce presence. We give Lifetime warranty with the Best Price guarantee! And, there is only one thing which exceeds our product, and that is our simple logistics. Shop with us once and you will never consider another option again for your coating requirements!

Please visit us at and view amazing options at the best price available on our industry leading Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating in a DIY flooring coating kit.

How to prepare your surface for the Epoxy Floor Kit?

How to prepare your surface for the Epoxy Floor Kit? –

metallic epoxy floor coating showing everything that is included with metallic epoxy floor paint kit.
Best metallic epoxy garage floor paint in a metallic epoxy floor coating kit.

‘Proper preparation prevents poor performance’, the quote is valid for all spheres and coating industry isn’t an exception. While some in the floor coating industry hold on to the belief that preparing the surface is an irrelevant task, time and again, they’ve been proved wrong with various evidences. Of course, the quality and chemistry of the floor coating kit matters, but the longevity and success is also determined by how properly the substrate was prepared before the coating was applied.

Here, we bring you a few tips on how to get the best out of your DIY floor coating kit:

Clean the surface

Examination and analysis of the substrate is quite an evident first step to the preparation. While the older concrete shows effects of temperature and various chemicals, the newer one is a bit of a darling to deal with.

Old concrete floors have been exposed to various chemicals, greases and moods of the temperature, they should be thoroughly cleaned before the coating is laid upon. The newer concrete floors need cleaning too before the coat is applied, not really vigorous though.

Remove extras

Remove any previous coatings and paints that are there on the floor, uneven substrate might hinder with the sticking properties of the solution, vacuum it again to remove impurities.

Mechanical treatment

The most important factor while applying the epoxy floor coatings to concrete is to remember that the ultimate motive here to make sure that the substrate allows proper adhesion. And to ensure the same happens, mechanical preparation of the surface is imperative! There are various ways by which this motive can be achieved. Acid etching is one technique that doesn’t requires any machinery. The most commonly used equipment are the grinders, they complete their task without breaking or fracturing the surface of the substrate.

For more adamant surfaces, shot blasting techniques can be used. The technique involves throwing small steel balls against the surface to remove a thin layer of the surface.

Fill all cracks and holes

This step can be undertaken according to suitability, before priming or after it, whatever appears to be the best. All cracks and concrete holes should be taken care of before the coat is spread out.

Remove dark stains

Search the entire area for color variations or stains. Use a soft bristle brush to remove if any found. Usually, the corners and sides are the ignored ones, brush them to make sure they are treated equally. Just make sure to not use a hard bristle brush if not required, you might damage the substrate.

Prime the surface

It is a common misconception that priming of the surface is not necessary, but if you want to increase the life of your epoxy floor coat, never, I repeat, never ignore priming, unless stated otherwise. It increases adhesion and discards the risk of formation of bubbles and gasses. Just remember to use the proper mixture.

Once all the steps have been completed, all old coating gone and you can feel the presence of perfect surface profile, it’s time for the application.

If you are looking for the most technologically advanced Epoxy Floor Coating Kit manufactured in USA, then The EpoxytechKit is your answer.

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The Best Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Technology Reviews the Benefits of Our Epoxy Floor Paint Kit

Have you seen metallic epoxy floor coating yet? This is the best in epoxy floor coating technology. Offering the same great benefits of our industrial epoxy floor paint with a twist. These floors are affordable, beautiful and durable. Offering the same showroom shine with industrial durability and performance. The differences is clearly seen in images shown above done using our garage floor paint kit and industrial epoxy floor paint systems. They offer a much deeper, richer look. Metallic epoxy floor paint is now taking center stage in the home and not just a garage floor paint kit anymore. Offering the inspiring looks this epoxy floor kit can be installed using many different epoxy floor coating designs or styles using many different techniques. Visit us today to view the best epoxy floor kit technology. Manufactured with premium agents and additives… available in a garage floor kit as well. Add value and maintenance free style today with our metallic epoxy floor coating kit system today. View our website to see the terrific reviews on this industrial grade metallic epoxy floor kit. We are available at or @ 1-855-95-EPOXY.


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Best Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Offers Advice for Applying Garage Floor Paint Kit –

When it comes to applying the best industrial epoxy floor paint or coating for your garage floor…. Epoxytech® offers the solution. This is an industrial-grade epoxy floor coating that can turn ordinary looking concrete into a floor that looks professional in terms of function and looks. Available in numerous colors and styles, this epoxy floor coating is applicable for both residential and commercial structures.

What exactly is a garage floor coating and how does it differ from garage floor paint?

Contrary to a popular belief, epoxy floor coating is not paint. Paint is a latex acrylic product or often a solvent or water-based epoxy floor paint. Some of these epoxy floor paints contain a small amount of epoxy solids to increase the durability. But, in spite of these modifications, it is still considered paint. An epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech, on the other hand, is 100 percent cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating. It is formed when one part is epoxide resin is mixed with one part hardener. The hardener plays the role of catalyst and offers compression strength and durability to the epoxy coating.

Unlike water or solvent epoxy floor paint, the epoxy does not dry after its application. Instead, it cures. A chemical reaction gets initiated after the two parts are mixed due to which an exothermic curing process is started. During this process, polymer structures get cross-linked, thereby making the epoxy tough and durable. As the curing process ends, what you get is a coating that is thicker than bonds and paints.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor coating or industrial epoxy floor kit installation after care.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor is quite simple. In fact, some individuals prefer to have it due to the ease of maintenance. A dust mop, with 24” or 36” size, is your basic tool to clean the floor. It is capable of handling 90 percent of floor cleaning needs.

You just need to dust mop your floor once a week (or twice if required). It hardly takes few minutes to get a clean concrete floor after mopping. The mops are effective even for floors that come with an anti-slip additive. You can use a soft bristle push broom for floors that have an anti-slip agent like aluminum oxide.

If your floor has saw cuts or contraction joints, you can vacuum these every month. Using a broom in these regions is also a good idea.

Garage floors are prone to fluid leaks from cars and spills. You can get use a soft cloth for cleaning the spills. A Windex proofs to be useful if a film has been left by the spill.

If your epoxy floor system faces heavy traffic and dirt, you must go for heavy duty cleaning after every three or four months. A good quality hard foam mop does the cleaning job perfectly. You can use a solution of simple green in a spray bottle, along with a bucket of hot water, for this type of cleaning.

Benefits of using garage floor coating from EpoxyTech Kit®

Thanks to the thicker epoxy floor coating, you don’t need to worry about small imperfections in the concrete like spider cracks, as the coating covers them accurately. Well, this is just a basic benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech.

A lot of individuals find it frustrating to discover that the tires of their car are leaving black tire print. But, the users of Epoxytech don’t face this issue, as it is resistant to hot tire marks. This epoxy flooring is also resistant to stains, chemicals, oils, chipping, and surface abrasion.

The use of jacks, rolling tool boxes, and jack stands is quite high in garages. Even the equipment like this will not cause any harm to the floor.

If we talk about the visible appearance, the environment of the garage brightens up due to high light reflectivity. That’s the reason a lot of car showrooms use this floor coating system. A unique benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech is that you don’t require a primer separately. It is also present in the floor coating solution from the company. With a water or solvent garage floor paint kit a epoxy primer is always mandatory. With this garage floor kit you only need one coat for a perfect and durable showroom shine! 5x thicker than epoxy floor paint and 10x the resistance than today’s garage floor paint.

Importance of clear coat for epoxy

Although the epoxy floor coating is already quite durable and visually attractive, you can further enhance these properties through a clear top coat. The sacrificial layer of clear coat protects the floor from wear. This layer also encapsulates the decorative flakes, adds depth to look of floor and provides additional wear resistance.

View garage floor coating images on our website to help determine color and type of epoxy floor coating you need. There you will find photos of garage floor coating installations with the use of clear coat.

If you, too, require an industrial quality epoxy floor coating for garage or commercial building, call us today on 1-855-95-EPOXY or 


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