The best friend of industrial floor – Epoxy floor coatings

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

Everyone who has ever planned to open up an industry will agree to one common point, that choosing the floor covering was no child’s play! Only until epoxy was not there in the market, once it entered, the solution was easy! Though the industrial waterproof floor coating works wonders everywhere it is applied, but its charm for industries is another glorious story.

From being the best absorber of vibrations to giving an enchanting look to the space. From enhancing the light and visibility to ensuring that every soul in present in the industry is safe, the industrial waterproof floor paint has aced every test with flying colors. Apart from all the amazing benefits that epoxy brings with itself, there are two chief factors why epoxy is the best floor coating solution for any industry, be it of any kind. Let’s explore the two factors in this article.

Increased life

Over the last 20 years, the epoxy floor coatings have evolved a lot. The technological advancement and wondrous additives have increased the quality and lifespan beyond imagination. It offers durability that cannot be compared to any other kind of flooring. Of course the life depends on a lot of factors and if professionally installed, it can last up to 15 to 20 years.

The major factors on which the lifespan depends are:

  • Was the application proper or not
  • The amount of traffic seen by the space
  • Maintenance, though it is not required quite frequently
  • The quality of material used. EpoxyTech is one of the best destinations to get the finest kits available in the market

Any expenditure becomes an investment when the returns out of it are more than invested, such is the case with epoxy floor coatings. Industrial floors see a lot of adverse situations with weather, temperature, vibrations, humans, humidity, heavy traffic and machines, and each and every of these situations can be tackled with epoxy.

No wear and tear

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Epoxy floor coatings are resilient to all kinds of chemical spills, and by resilient, we mean significantly higher levels than any other floor covering. For any kind of industry that uses harsh chemicals or where the spills are regular, epoxy is the way to go!

Apart from being the most resilient, it is the most economical solution too. The heavy machinery and its vibrations are also not able to cause a good amount of damage to epoxy floor paints. It is not slippery too, which keeps the human force at safety too. It is the complete solution to any kind of industry.

EpoxyTech is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of epoxy paints. It is based out of US and is known to have made amazing epoxy options available to the market. It has 5-star ratings on all leading E-commerce portals and also provides ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

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