Epoxy coatings and their amazing water powers!

As Johnny Hunt has rightly said – “There is no such thing as great work without longevity”. The statement holds true in every walk of life and stands tall proudly with best floor coating that we are to talk about here – Epoxy floor coatings. They add a panache to your space without a huge investment, and the best part is that the money is not to be invested again and again. The coating stands the test of time like nothing else and saves the substrate from all kinds of cracks and spills.

Whatever flooring options you might have come across till now came with some disadvantages or the other, but epoxy is completely free of it. There is no major drawback associated with it.

However, there is one major advantage that comes with the epoxy floor coating kits, they have magical water powers. Now the question pops up that how can water be hazardous? Let’s examine it in depth.

How vicious is water for floors?

If we are living on earth, then gravity is something we cannot avoid, it means that gravity will take water to the lowest possible point. It’s worse if you have cracks and leaks available, even if they are not available, water always finds its way! Many a times it can also soak through the porous substrate, and also find a way from the crack between the wall and the floor.

After peeping beneath the floor, there are many ways in which water can hurt, it can cause damage to anything placed on the floor, it encourages bacteria and mold to form, increases moisture, weakens bond and what not!

Is there a way to prevent the disaster from happening, yes, surely there is, the much known waterproof floor paint – Epoxy floor coatings. Let’s see how it works

How epoxy can help?

Unlike other flooring options, the epoxy floor coatings actually stick to the floor, completely binding it to the concrete substrate. It seals even the smallest of cracks and tiniest of place form where water can peep in. Once, you’ve applied the epoxy floor coating, you will never have to worry about the unwanted peeling, blistering and application on regular basis.

Once the cracks, pits and holes are sealed properly, the glossy coating will protect your floor or concrete substrate for decades to come. The extended life helps you save costly repairs and replacements.

Epoxy floor coating also promote sure footing by being non slippery. It’s one of some available floor coatings that are non abrasive and non slippery and glossy, at the same time.

EpoxyTech is one of the most technologically advanced and trusted US based manufacturer for waterproof epoxy. It deals with all kinds of epoxies and has made available a wide variety of options to select from. We are so sure about our product that we offer ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

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