Epoxy floor coatings – Savior from scratches

Epoxy Floor Paint Kit

It’s not everyday that a revolutionary product is born and changes the market entirely. But one such invention has happened recently and it is the epoxy floor coatings. Their benefits are uncountable and with its evolution, it is becoming nearly impossible to find any faults with its application.

There are a lot of advantages to it, one coat of epoxy floor paint is equal to five coats of any paint which can be applied to the floor. The length to which it serves is a lot more than any other coating and the cost associated is pretty less in comparison. The DIY kits can be used in garage floors, basement floors, patios, in an industry, basically, it can be used above any kind of concrete substrate.

The epoxy floor coatings are self-levelling, that means no extra efforts are required to level it up. The application is more than simple with uniform coats everywhere around.

As it would have become evident now, it is nearly impossible to find such a glossy, beautiful and trustworthy product anywhere in the market.

Chemistry behind the bond

Epoxy is without any doubt the best friend of your floor with mechanical properties such that its resistance to thermal stress and to degradation with the pace of time is commendable.

The preparatory liquid has low viscosity and is very much useful in buildings with reinforcing materials.

Another big advantage associated with it is the low shrinkage time while it is hardening, which eventually bring down the internal stress to minimum, all which increasing the adhesion to the substrate. It results in a better bond and increased longevity.

Resistance to scratch

One of the most important advantage of the DIY epoxy floor kits is that it keeps the floor admirable and doesn’t allows scratches find their way at any cost. It is glossy without any scratches.

This property arises because of some chemical components and the chemical reactions that happen between them.

Some of the components of epoxy floor paint are quartz, calcite, ceramic fillers, scratch resistant agents, pigment powder, solvent free epoxy resin, antifoam agents, preservative agents, benzyl, alcohol, etc.

For the best scratch free epoxy floor coating

To obtain the best of results from the DIY kit, it is imperative that the mixture of resin and hardener is in the correct ratio. Usually, the correct ratio is mentioned on the kit, but advice can also be taken from any EpoxyTech specialist. If the solutions are not mixed properly, the properties might not be same and after drying up, will not give the same results.

Once the application is done properly without any flaw, you will get a scratch resistant, glossy, seamless, low maintenance floor which shows high durability for decades.

EpoxyTech is one of the most technologically advanced US based manufacturer which provides supreme quality of best glossy floor coatings. Explore more about us here:

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