Is it possible to put new epoxy over old epoxy?

Epoxy Floor coatings give you a floor which is amazingly beautiful and exceptionally strong, creating a bright atmosphere wherever it is installed. But, as it is rightly said, nothing lasts forever, the same happens with coated floors too! After the good amount of years, epoxy floor coatings also get used up. The question which arises after this is that – Can old epoxy floors be recoated with new epoxy coating?

You must be thinking that is it even a question to ask, but yes, it’s important to know about all the cases involved! Although, the answer to the question is yes in most of the scenarios, but there are some incidents in which certain preparation is required and here we are, to give you all the information required!

When is it time for a new DIY epoxy floor kit?

The commonest reason of all is when people figure out that their color epoxy has become dull and they want a new shiny and bright surface. Apply a clear coat of coating and voila, you are all bright again!

With the pace of time in the garage and industries, the clear coat of the epoxy might become a little worn out, developing small cracks. To renew the gloss and look, apply another clear coat over it and you are good to go.

The coating might also become thin due to the heavy usage and the age of epoxy floor coating. In that case, if no delamination is noticed, another coat can be applied on the same to renew it.

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating paint for garage home or business features full epoxy floor coating kit-415x216
DIY Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

When not to apply another coat over the old epoxy?

If older epoxy coating shows any signs of delamination, then DO NOT apply another coat of epoxy to it. There are other causes that are causing the coat to delaminate and before you think about applying another coat, find out the problems and cure them.

How to prepare the older epoxy coat for a new one?

Now that you are sure that your floor can be renewed, let’s talk about how to prepare the base for it. The best way is to mechanically rough up the surface a bit. There are many ways to achieve the target, but the best ones are:

  • Sand paper, the surface must look gloss free after the procedure ends.
  • A floor maintainer with a 100 grit sand screen can also be used. This will help you eliminate scratches and deep rooted dirt.

The mechanically prepared surface will help the DIY floor coating in sticking properly. Once you are done with grinding, remove the waste and vacuum the entire floor. Afterwards, apply denatured alcohol to get rid of fine dust particles. Now, open up the DIY floor coating kit and you are all set to go, the floor is all set to be glossy again! offers amazing options for both clear and colored epoxy. We can guarantee that you won’t find better quality and price anywhere else.

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