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Best Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Offers Advice for Applying Garage Floor Paint Kit –

When it comes to applying the best industrial epoxy floor paint or coating for your garage floor…. Epoxytech® offers the solution. This is an industrial-grade epoxy floor coating that can turn ordinary looking concrete into a floor that looks professional in terms of function and looks. Available in numerous colors and styles, this epoxy floor coating is applicable for both residential and commercial structures.

What exactly is a garage floor coating and how does it differ from garage floor paint?

Contrary to a popular belief, epoxy floor coating is not paint. Paint is a latex acrylic product or often a solvent or water-based epoxy floor paint. Some of these epoxy floor paints contain a small amount of epoxy solids to increase the durability. But, in spite of these modifications, it is still considered paint. An epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech, on the other hand, is 100 percent cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating. It is formed when one part is epoxide resin is mixed with one part hardener. The hardener plays the role of catalyst and offers compression strength and durability to the epoxy coating.

Unlike water or solvent epoxy floor paint, the epoxy does not dry after its application. Instead, it cures. A chemical reaction gets initiated after the two parts are mixed due to which an exothermic curing process is started. During this process, polymer structures get cross-linked, thereby making the epoxy tough and durable. As the curing process ends, what you get is a coating that is thicker than bonds and paints.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor coating or industrial epoxy floor kit installation after care.

Cleaning an epoxy garage floor is quite simple. In fact, some individuals prefer to have it due to the ease of maintenance. A dust mop, with 24” or 36” size, is your basic tool to clean the floor. It is capable of handling 90 percent of floor cleaning needs.

You just need to dust mop your floor once a week (or twice if required). It hardly takes few minutes to get a clean concrete floor after mopping. The mops are effective even for floors that come with an anti-slip additive. You can use a soft bristle push broom for floors that have an anti-slip agent like aluminum oxide.

If your floor has saw cuts or contraction joints, you can vacuum these every month. Using a broom in these regions is also a good idea.

Garage floors are prone to fluid leaks from cars and spills. You can get use a soft cloth for cleaning the spills. A Windex proofs to be useful if a film has been left by the spill.

If your epoxy floor system faces heavy traffic and dirt, you must go for heavy duty cleaning after every three or four months. A good quality hard foam mop does the cleaning job perfectly. You can use a solution of simple green in a spray bottle, along with a bucket of hot water, for this type of cleaning.

Benefits of using garage floor coating from EpoxyTech Kit®

Thanks to the thicker epoxy floor coating, you don’t need to worry about small imperfections in the concrete like spider cracks, as the coating covers them accurately. Well, this is just a basic benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech.

A lot of individuals find it frustrating to discover that the tires of their car are leaving black tire print. But, the users of Epoxytech don’t face this issue, as it is resistant to hot tire marks. This epoxy flooring is also resistant to stains, chemicals, oils, chipping, and surface abrasion.

The use of jacks, rolling tool boxes, and jack stands is quite high in garages. Even the equipment like this will not cause any harm to the floor.

If we talk about the visible appearance, the environment of the garage brightens up due to high light reflectivity. That’s the reason a lot of car showrooms use this floor coating system. A unique benefit of epoxy floor coating from Epoxytech is that you don’t require a primer separately. It is also present in the floor coating solution from the company. With a water or solvent garage floor paint kit a epoxy primer is always mandatory. With this garage floor kit you only need one coat for a perfect and durable showroom shine! 5x thicker than epoxy floor paint and 10x the resistance than today’s garage floor paint.

Importance of clear coat for epoxy

Although the epoxy floor coating is already quite durable and visually attractive, you can further enhance these properties through a clear top coat. The sacrificial layer of clear coat protects the floor from wear. This layer also encapsulates the decorative flakes, adds depth to look of floor and provides additional wear resistance.

View garage floor coating images on our website to help determine color and type of epoxy floor coating you need. There you will find photos of garage floor coating installations with the use of clear coat.

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