Why you should use Metallic Epoxy Floor coating?

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating-sliderFloors have an ingenious way of taking us on different realms of imagination. Each one tells a different story, takes us on a different adventure to embark upon. Your story can be the richest, deepest and the most beautiful one with the help of Metallic Epoxy Floor coatings. The result after application of metallic epoxy is a smooth, glass like finish, with little and perfect amount of reflective sparkles!

What is Metallic Epoxy Floor coating?

Metallic Epoxy floor coating is just a low yellowing epoxy which has a subtle amount od metallic pigment mixed with it. To paraphrase, a glitter like substance is mixed with the resin and then applied to the floor or the substrate. Before drying up, the glitter like substance becomes agitated with paintbrush or roller and they reflect the light at different angles to create some very beautiful patterns. After drying up, the pigments attach to their places and make a three dimensional pattern.

Here is an elaborate account on various benefits that come with Metallic Epoxy Floor coating:

EpoxyTech Liquid-3DFX Floor Coating Kit

Beauty beyond dreams!

No other floor can be more aesthetically pleasing than the one with the metallic epoxy floor coating on it. The patterns, brightness, colours, shine, everything is so on point here!

Strong and sturdy

In comparison to other flooring options available in the market, there is no competition to the metallic epoxy floor coatings in affordable pricing. Industries and automobile sector are frequent users of the flooring as it can withstand the heavy machinery without any wear and tear.

Non-comparable longevity

Follow the instructions without any misbalance, and you can see your metallic epoxy flooring last decades without any scratch or peel off.

Keeps the space bright

The metallic epoxy coated floors reflect light that is falling on the surface and light up the surroundings! The beautiful metallic patterns formed with the variation of intensity of light can be a show in itself! Install epoxy coating if you want your place to be bright and shiny always!

The 3-Dimensional look

3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit

The beautiful 3-dimensional pattern of the metallic epoxy paint is what sets it apart from the normal epoxy coating. The pattern depends a lot on the application and the kit, but it is something which will never be repeated in another application. You can be sure of being unique!

The variety of amazing options

Trust me, not being able to make your choice because of lack of options is a disadvantage which often gets neglected. There are plenty of options available to choose from in the case of metallic epoxy floor coating!

EpoxyTech is US based manufacturer and is the leading producer of Liquid-3Dfx Metallic epoxy coating. We make the best in the market and hence, offer ‘Lifetime warranty and best price guarantee’.

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