Water Based Epoxy Coatings

You must have heard and read a lot about the epoxy floor coatings and their advantages. What you might be unaware of is the information regarding the water based epoxy coating as the solvent based epoxy coatings always take away the limelight. But, water based coatings are nothing less than the solvent based ones and sometimes, they even outlast and outperform the solvent based epoxy coatings.

Industrial floor coating system shown here in light blue with medium grey epoxy floor coating while also using industrial epoxy floor paint

Whether it’s for an interior coating or for a heavy industrial region, water-based epoxy coatings have stood the test of time without any complaint or failure. They have a lot of advantages, some of them are:

No foul smell

Solvent based epoxy coatings have large amount of solvents dissolved, which when evaporated in a confined or less ventilated space can be uncomfortable and hazardous for people in the vicinity. For this very reason, projects such as fuel storage tanks and railroad tank cars prefer water based coatings. For indoor use also, it should be preferred and it also lessens the amount of flammable materials that may build up and prove to be fatal!

Excellent durability

As it is the case with all epoxy coatings, water based epoxy coatings also render excellent durability to the floor. They have an amazing life span and require very less maintenance. What actually happens is that the water based solution soak and penetrate to the concrete substrate with greater ease which results in a much stronger bond than the surface only bond. With a better bond, the epoxy is bound to stick longer without any cracks or bumps.

No risk of flammable substances

It contains little to no amount of flammable substance, which keeps the safety factor of the floors intact. With solvent based epoxy, this is a big issue as it contains a large number of flammable substances.

Environment friendly

Water Based Epoxy Coating

The water based epoxy coatings have very less amount of volatile organic compounds or VCOs. Usually, the state or local government regulates the amount of VCOs to be emitted, but it’s better to pay our tribute to the Mother Nature and reduce the toxic amount we release in the air. Understanding your responsibility and choosing water based epoxy coating will be an admirable decision.

Quick installation

Application of water based epoxy coatings is not as hectic as the solvent based one. The floor need not be completely dry before application and there are no toxic fumes so the person applying is at ease all the time. The floor is ready to be used again in less than 2 hours. All in all, the installation and maintenance for water based epoxy coatings is a no brainer!

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