Waterproof Epoxy Floor Coating 101

The most popular and intelligent choice for the ones who want to beautify and keep their concrete floors protected is waterproof epoxy floor coatings. It is an intelligent choice because it increases the longevity of your household floors, basement, garage, commercial or industrial area, all while adding a charm to an otherwise boring space. Apart from adding life and beauty to the space, it has a lot of other benefits too!

The most important one of the other benefits is that the coating acts as a shield to your floor in numerous ways. Water can cause serious damage to the floor, it might be possible that the damage is not evident at that particular point of time, but somewhere down the line, the damage will be visible and can be really hazardous.

How does it work?

The coting bonds itself directly to the concrete substrate, and seals it, making it completely non-porous. The seal also prevents the existing moisture from peeping in. The waterproof coating also restricts the existing moisture from coming up to the surface and causing a series of problems such as foul smell, growth of moulds, the damage to wall and the related structure.

metallic-epoxy-floor-coating-sliderWhy waterproof your concrete floor?

Acting as barrier, the waterproof coating saves the concrete floor from all kinds of spills, be it chemically hazardous or abrasive in nature. The industrial garage floor coating also saves the floor from wear and tear, is stain resistant and is also perfect for areas which have huge amount of traffic like industries, garage, warehouses, etc.

Another big advantage of waterproofing your concrete floor is that it ensures the safety of people living or working in the ambience. The epoxy coatings are slip resistant and the biggest surprise is that it isn’t abrasive too, like other no-slippery floors.

Cracks, chips and scratches are not even a question with the waterproof epoxy floor coating being there. Without any of these flaws, the floor looks aesthetically impeccable!

As the coating is great at preventing the floor from the menace of moisture, it also reduces the amount of maintenance required and hence, reducing the efforts and cost of maintaining the glossy floor. It keeps your floor looking at its best without much efforts!

Applying waterproof epoxy floor coating is not something your floor will ask for every other month. It increases the age of concrete substrate preventing it from every possible damage that can happen. It not only increases longevity, but also helps the owner save money.

The installation is also very easy, just follow the instructions and you are all set. Quick and easy should be the tagline for all the waterproof epoxy floor coatings.

EpoxyTech is a leading US based manufacturer of amazing epoxy coatings. From garage waterproof floor paint to Industrial garage floor coatings, we have it all!

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