Why Epoxytech?

If you are planning to give your surface a beautiful and durable look, Epoxy coatings are the answer! Epoxytech is the leading USA based manufacturer for all your Epoxy Floor Coating related demands. From manufacturing Epoxy adhesives and coatings for floors to providing them for automotive and Industrial uses, Epoxytech is the one-stop solution to your rough substrate.

What makes us different?

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Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Paint

Apart from manufacturing the most technologically advanced and one-of-its kind Epoxy floor kit, we offer head to toe guidelines and accessories required in the process. We make the process as easy as hanging a nail in the wall and trust us, the wall here is not that hard! Need more reasons, read ahead:

62 years of experience

We are the lead supplier in the market with a rich experience of making our customers happy for 62 years. It is even possible that you might have heard or seen the professional grade 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit, you just didn’t know we are the manufacturer! This is just a gist of our market presence and confidence amongst our consumers! It goes without words being consumed that we know it all! We are confident enough to claim that from manufacturing to logistics, we can take care of everything that stands in the way of our customers.

No middlemen

Your floor tells a lot about you, your business or the industry. We make sure that the story is told as beautifully as it deserves and that too, at the most valid rates. And the best rates happen, because there is no middlemen or dealer involved. We believe in direct selling and because of that, over the years, we’ve become the top source for sales and technical expertise and advice, irrespective of the flooring or coating type.

Cutting-edge technology

Our floor coating systems are known for their quality and our latest technology and expertise ensures that the same is maintained and delivered to our customers. We use the molecular link bonding technology. The technology creates far better chemical, adhesion, abrasion, moisture and impact resistance, including anti-blushing, compressive strength and added superior glass properties.

The cutting-edge technology helps us create a product which has highest adhesion rate and durability characteristics that have ever been tested! A commendable tensile strength and an unmatched compression strength.

Our Epoxy Floor Kit is 3.8 times stronger than concrete! It is guaranteed to not crack or peel and has absolutely no odour. Unbelievable right? Such an amazing product at such reasonable prices!

Plethora of options

3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Sample

Our flagship product is the ‘installer’ epoxy floor kit and the package includes everything from head to tail of the procedure. We also provide an option to add items to the kit according to your own suitability. Apart from the DIY floor coating kits, we also manufacture dozen types of primer and clear coat options. With so many things available under one name, we are the one-stop solution to all your coating demands.

Excellent Consumer experience

The confidence of our consumers in us and our product can be reflected with the 5-Star Product Rating we have on our E-commerce presence. We give Lifetime warranty with the Best Price guarantee! And, there is only one thing which exceeds our product, and that is our simple logistics. Shop with us once and you will never consider another option again for your coating requirements!

Please visit us at epoxytech.net and view amazing options at the best price available on our industry leading Liquid-3Dfx Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating in a DIY flooring coating kit.

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