Epoxy Floor Paint Kit vs. 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating Kit for Garage

WARNING: Don’t Buy Water-Based Epoxy Floor Paint, Concrete Floor Paint or Garage Floor Paint Kit!

Buy a 100% cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit at the price of garage floor paint kit. With features like the highest gloss, resistance to chemicals and long-term durability, our 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating is far better than epoxy floor paint or a garage floor paint kit. Water and solvent-based epoxy floor kits crack, chip and peal. We guarantee this epoxy floor coating won’t peal, chip, or crack and will bond or stick to any concrete floor or porous surface. This self-leveling industrial grade 100% cycloaliphatic solids epoxy floor coating paint kit comes with an instructional video that will walk you through the installation of your epoxy floor paint kit on your concrete garage floor with ease. With the benefits you receive with a 100% solids industrial epoxy floor paint you will be glad you didn’t go with a store bought garage floor paint kit. The difference in water-based epoxy floor paint and our professional grade epoxy floor coating kit is a vast noticeable difference. The water-based garage floor paint is only 2 mils dft thickness. Our floor coating kit is 9.7 mils dft with a single and can be applied up to 60 mils and is the best concrete floor paint on the market. You would have to buy 5 of the competitors water based garage floor paint kits to equal the thickness of just one of our industrial epoxy garage floor coating kits. Don’t paint it with concrete floor paint! Coat it!

We developed this epoxy floor coating using cycloaliphatic resins, along with proprietary agents & additives that are best in the industry. We do not use a water-based or solvent epoxy floor paint It is the carbon to atom structure of this epoxy floor coating kit that empowers it to resist abrasions, chemicals, improved adhesion rates, added gloss and moisture resistance unlike water-based concrete floor paint. Also, we add only liquid pigments in the making of this epoxy floor kit instead of powdered pigments to deliver superior coverage and even color coat.

This industrial epoxy floor paint does not require primer with the installation of this garage floor coating kit as with most solvent-based concrete floor paint. Our chemical engineers have designed it in such a manner that characteristics of the primer are present in this industrial epoxy floor paint product. Highly contaminated concrete floors require primer a coat. Five-star rating and 98.3 percent positive feedback at Amazon and eBay show why we are the first choice for industrial epoxy floor paint, epoxy floor kit and concrete floor paint. Don’t settle for a water-base garage floor paint kit. Go with the pro’s choice. 
Check all color options and metallic epoxy floor coating and industrial metallic floor paint designs from our online store before making an order. We assure you this is better than any concrete floor paint you fill find in big box store. This is industrial grade!

Contact a certified epoxy floor coating tech for a installation estimate or quote on volume sales: 1-855-95-EPOXY. Keep checking our homepage for latest offers on garage floor coating paint kits and epoxy floor coating paint kit systems. If you find a cheaper garage floor kit or epoxy floor kit system cheaper on any other store, we will pay you the difference.

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