Looking to Coat a Garage Floor with a Epoxy Floor Kit Coating System?

100% Cycloaliphatic Epoxy floor coating is the industries choice when coating a garage floor or commercial concrete floor. Choose the world’s#1 epoxy floor kit coating system.

EPOXY•TECH KIT® is the world’s premier epoxy floor coating kit system. With 62 years of  product experience, we manufacture the most durable epoxy floor paint coating kit available. This is a 100% solids epoxy system. Guaranteed not peal or chip. EPOXY•TECH KIT® is also solvent and resistant. It is 5x thicker than epoxy floor paint water-based epoxy. A person would have to purchase 5 of the competitors kits product to compare to the thickness of our kit. This is not a product you will have to coat every couple of years with. It’s not like solvent and water based epoxy floor paint. Won’t fail under the wear and tear that a garage concrete floor goes through and it is hot tire resistant as well. Epoxy floor paint in most garage floor kits lose integrity due to evaporation and only give you a 2 mil. wear layer EPOXY•TECH KIT® features a “molecular cross link technology.” Competing Garage floor coating kits are 100% solids as well but are alimine epoxy based. Our garage floor kit is cycloaliphatic. Much better properties. See our epoxy floor kit advantages. Made to be a easy FYI due it yourself project designed to beautify and protect the look of your garage floor, basement, patio or business. We have provide everything needed to coat your concrete floor. This epoxy floor coating will coat 166 sf. at 10 mils dft and is 5x thicker & 10x wear resistance of other epoxy garage floor paint. EPOXY•TECH KIT® is manufactured in the United States. Not an watered down imported garage floor coating. This epoxy floor kit is sold and used to the professional epoxy floor coatings contractors on the market. Our floor coating is 3x stronger than cement. Will give you the highest shine available today. Beware of epoxy floor coating suppliers that tell give you the specifics of their garage floor kit. Might mean the product is inferior and does not possess premium grade epoxy floor coatings resins and is most likely a garage floor paint. To get the desired results you must a 100% solids epoxy floor kit system. This product will give the showroom gloss you desire. Giving you with the best garage floor coating available at a better value and save you a lot of time and disappointment in the future. Our premier garage floor coating kit includes  instructions as well as a DYI video that will guide you through your garage floor coating project. Also included are installation tools, decorative flake, non slip coating oxide needed to coat your garage floor. If you are not completely 100% happy with our epoxy floor kit we will give you your money back.  If you looking for the epoxy floor coating or epoxy floor paint on the market than order EpoxyTech Kit® and we will guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing the best epoxy floor kit coating system you can purchase direct from our manufacturer. Choose 100% solids epoxy floor paint coating system and garage floor kit.