Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Preferred Best Over Epoxy Floor Paint

Choosing the Best Epoxy Floor Kit? DYI Epoxy Floor Paint or Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Kit?

Looking for epoxy floor paint, a garage floor coating kit or industrial epoxy floor coating system? This is the best epoxy floor coating kit on the market and will give your concrete floor the showroom shine you desire in a one step, one coat process, providing you with a better epoxy floor at a less cost and time effective process – this is not a paint. Our premier garage floor coating kit includes simple written instructions as well as a do-it-yourself video that will instruct you from start to finish. We also include all the tools and sundries needed to complete your epoxy floor coating installation. We are so confidant in our product that EPOXYTECH KIT® offers a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are no 100% satisfied with our product we will refund your money no questions asked. This is not a big box epoxy floor paint or epoxy garage floor paint. EPOXYTECH KIT® is the world’s premier epoxy coating supplier. Offering over 62 years of experience…. we have developed the most durable floor coating kit system on the market. This is a 100% cycloaliphatic solids epoxy floor kit system. It will not crack, peal or chip. Acid and solvent resistant and 5x thicker than paint or water-based epoxy such as Rustoleum’s Epoxyshied. You would need to buy 5 kits of the competing low solid or water based epoxy floor paint kits to equal the wear resistance and thickness of the EPOXYTECH FLOOR KIT®. You will not have to re-coat every couple years, this kit is guaranteed for life. Unlike water-based of solvent epoxy floor paint it will not leave the dreaded hot tire marks. With water based epoxy paint or solvent based garage floor kits you lose 40-68% of your product due to evaporation. This kit features “patent pending molecular bonding technology.” As other epoxy floor coating kits claim to be 100% solids epoxy, they are often referring to 100% Cycloamine not Cycloaliphatic. Their is a vast difference between the two. Cycloaliphatic cross links from gas to a solid where as Amine connects gas to gas during curing process. The latter provide much better performance characteristics. From improved gloss levels to adhesion and resistant rates. Highest tested. Our formula is created premium additives allowing you the longest application time possible while providing you with the strongest epoxy floor coating money can buy. Our floor coating kit is designed to be a simple FYI epoxy floor coating project to enhance the look of your garage, patio or basement floor. We have provided you with everything you need to professionally coat a 500 sq. ft. floor. This epoxy floor kit will cover a 2.5 car garage at 10 mils dry film thickness which is 5x thicker and has 10x the wear resistance than competing epoxy floor paint suppliers. EpoxyTech® is made in the USA. It is not an inferior imported product. This garage floor coating and industrial epoxy floor paint system is used and sold to the top floor coating professionals in the market. EpoxyTech® is 3x stronger than concrete. Add value and maintenance free style to your home… order EPOXYTECH KIT® today!

Questions Include: How to Epoxy Garage Floor? How do I coat my garage or concrete floor? What is best garage floor coating kit? What is better garage floor paint or epoxy floor coating kit?

Answer: Use 100% Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Coating. It is the industrial grade choice when choosing to coat, paint your concrete garage floor or basement and patio. Great for coating your floors in utility rooms and anywhere cement is present indoors. Choose the world’s premier floor coating system. Also widely used in commercial and industrial flooring environments. See epoxy floor paint kits vs epoxy floor coating kits explained. Don’t use a water based epoxy floor paint to coat your garage floor. Use a epoxy coating for best results. If you want the best results choose a 100% solids cycloaliphatic garage floor kit. This ensure the best bond. Much better than epoxy floor paint! Epoxy floor paint is a low solid garage floor coating and will not give you the best results. Only use 100% epoxy garage floor paint kits when coating garage or shop floors. It is the best epoxy floor coating on the market as the other is just a epoxy paint. Make sure you trust an industrial grade garage floor coating. See website for complete installation detailed.

The choice is clear when choosing a epoxy floor coating kit or garage floor kit. Choose the best epoxy floor kit system direct from the manufacturer. Choose 100% solid epoxy floor coating system such as The EpoxyTech Floor Coating Kit®.

Also visit us for the best new technology in industrial epoxy floor paint and view metallic epoxy floor coating kits as well!

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