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  • 15 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit [Product Only]


    EpoxyTech Kit® 15 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit | Epoxy Floor Coating Product Only Kit [Coats Up to 2,500 sf. @ 9.7 mils dft | 5-6 Car Garage] Includes 15 Gallons of Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Floor Coating.
    5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance of Water or Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Paint.
    Molecular Link Bonding Primer Technology + Coating in One! Best Price Guarantee!

  • DuraGloss® 2 Part High Solids Clear Polyurethane Coat Sealer


    EpoxyTech Floor Coating Kit® | DuraGloss® High Solids 2-Part Premium Grade Polyurethane Clear-Top Coat Sealer Rated Industrial+1.5 Gallons of the Highest Volume Polyurethane Solids on the Market for Maximum Durability & Extreme Gloss. At 2x Thicker than Industry Standard (Coats 500 sq. ft. at 3 mils)

    Pro Grade Products for a Pro Grade Finish!


  • Touch Up & Sample Kit


    100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Touch Up and Sample Kit. (.25 gallons – Coat 40 sq. ft.) Add color choice in notes at checkout. Sample any color and see what works best and contrasts well with-in your environment.  Create color sample swatches. Leave color selection in notes at checkout.

  • 2-Part Premium Primer


    Used to achieve the best bond, a thicker coating, and better control of potential Out-Gassing issues. Use on new concrete, contaminated floors, high impact floors, traffic floors for best results.