• 1.5 Gallon Epoxy Floor Coating Kit Installer Half Kit | .58¢ sq. ft.


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    Epoxy Floor Coating Installer Half Kit 1.5 Gallons of 2 Part Premium Grade 100% Solids Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Coating (Coats 250 sq. ft. @ 9.7 mils. dft.)
    Includes Clean & Etch™ Floor Prep, Decorative Flake & Non-Slip Oxide (optional), Installation Tools, DYI Video Link and Instructions. Industrial | Commercial | Residential Application. 5x Thicker and 10x the Wear Resistance of Aliphatic-amine, Water or Solvent Based Paint!
    Quality Technology! Molecular Bonding Curing Agent + Coating in One… 100% Guarantee! 

    We recommend purchasing an additional kit if selecting Safety Yellow, Tile Red, White, or Light Gray.