Tacks Up in 8 Hours. Suitable to Walk On in 15 Hours. Depending on Relative Humidity and Climate. 48 Hours for Vehicle Traffic.

Only if Your Floor is Contaminated with Oil & Contaminants or When Applying Over Previously Coated Floor. EpoxyTech is Only Manufacturer ‘Formulated’ with a Molecular Bonding Primer Agent + Coating in One. “Oil Stop/Vapor Barrier” Primer Available for Suitable Floors.

A Clear Top-Coat Works Well to Add Depth to Look of Floor and Provides Additional UV and Wear Resistance. Epoxy Tech has Extreme High Gloss Coating Without a Clear Coat in Itself. High Performance High Wear Polyurea Available if Desired in 1 and 2 Part Kits. 2 Part Coats 600 Sq Ft Per 1.32 Gallon kit. Used in High Abrasion High Impact Conditions. Twice as Thick as the One Part as is High Solid. 93%. The One Part is Very Suitable for Normal Residential Use. Both High Gloss Level.

Pot Life is 50 Minutes in 75 Degree Weather. 40 Minutes at 80 Degrees. Each 5 Degrees Over 80 Cuts Pot Life in Half. (500 Sq. Ft. Floor Coats in 35 Minutes – Depending on Cut In Complexity) Never Mix More Than You Can Coat in 45 Minutes. Must Store Product in Controlled Climate. Product Will Expire in 20 Minutes if already Hot or ‘Cooking.’ (Note: No Refund for Expired Cured Used Product. Instance with Excess Brush Trimming or If You Feel You Need More Time. Pro Tip: Can Use 6 oz of Xylene o 3 Gallon to Increase Work Time. Xylene Will Cure Out.

Depending on How Much Surface Area, It is Best to Break Up Area into Sections. Example: When Coating a 500 Sq. Ft. Floor Apply Epoxy in 10’x10′ sections and Broadcast Decorative Flake & Aluminum Oxide By Throwing into Air and Allow to Cascade on to Wet Epoxy. When Coating Larger Floors Spiked Shoes Are Recommended to Navigate Floor.

No, Tape Off Floor Exactly Where Garage Door Meets Floor. Remove All Taped Off Areas Before Epoxy Dries.

Apply Coatings Within 15-24 Hours of Each Other. No Longer Than 48 Hours.

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